Terms & Conditions:

Any sale, purchase, unlocking and repair agreement is solely between Tech Fire Ltd (No: 11863285) T/A Top Fone and the customer.

Repairs & Accessories:

  1. Most repairs come with 90 days warranty. The warranty exclude 
  • Any physical
  • Liquid damage either before or after the repair
  • Bend(s) and dent(s) either before or after the repair
  • Software related issues
  • Faults not related to the original repair
  • If any subsequent repair is done by anyone else on the device this will void our warranty, this included tempering too.
  • Any water resistance/proof quality of a device.
  1. We use Grade A parts and originals where possible. 
  2. In some iPhones True Tone feature may not work after we replace the screen unless Apple releases an update to solve this issue.
  3. In some iPhones the Battery Health will no longer be available after we replace the battery unless Apple releases an update to solve this issue.
  4. In some iPhones when a screen or a part is replaced, customer would see a notification saying the screen/part replaced is not original. 
  5. We will not be responsible for any damage or fault caused by any previous repair. Most of these damages can only be found once a device is disassembled.
  6. If a device is bent/dented especially on the frame, we have to straighten up the corners/sides to repair it. The device may get scratches as a result which are unavoidable. Sometimes a bent corner has to be cut in order to have a successful repair.
  7. Some devices are sold as waterproof or water resistant, we do not give any guarantee that a device will remain waterproof or water resistant after our repair.
  8. We do not repair any device which has been bricked, blocked, reported as stolen or jail-broken for any reason.​
  9. Any manufacturing defects, conditions or software errors are not covered under our warranty for example iPhone 6 Plus Touch Decease.
  10. If your device is damaged beyond economical repair through our negligence, our liability will be limited to the cost of providing a replacement with a product that is the same or similar to your device.
  11. Any warranty is non-transferable.
  12. We are an independent company and are not related to any other company or manufacturer in any way. We cannot be held responsible for voiding any other company’s warranty on your device as a result of our work.
  13. Customers are solely responsible for backing up their devices for data before any repair. We are not responsible for any data loss/corruption howsoever. 
  14. On accessories the warranty is limited to 14 days. We do not give refunds after the purchase. Items can be exchanged within 14 days provided they are unused and in their original condition/packing with the original receipt. We do not exchange/refund any earphones/headphones for hygienic reasons.


  1. Make sure the phone has not run out of unlocking attempts. Otherwise, the phone will be hard-locked and it will not be possible to IMEI-unlock it.
  2. Check the phone is not blacklisted by the network provider to which the phone is locked as a result of theft, loss or an unpaid bill.
  3. It is the responsibility of the customer to check whether their phone is already unlocked prior to requesting an unlocking code.
  4. Make sure the phone prompts for the unlocking code.
  5. Make sure Apple iPhones are not locked by iCloud passwords under 'Find my iPhone' protection. If the case, unlocking will not be possible. If the customer has forgotten the password or cannot log into the phone, it is recommended they contact Apple or the original vendor.
  6. Have access to all the necessary phone passwords required such as PIN, PUK, unlocking pattern, or Vodafone Protect key. Unlocking will not be possible if the customer does not know the access passwords.
  7. Once an unlocking order is placed it cannot be cancelled.
  8. We cannot issue a refund for all the above reasons.


  1.  Accessories, unlocking and repair prices are subject to change without any prior notice.
  2. Offers/promotional prices can be ended any time without any prior notice.
  3. Repair prices are subject to change without any notice.
  4. We charge minimum £15 for a repair or problem solving.
  5. We charge minimum £15 for diagnosing a problem which is non-refundable in all cases. 


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We can change the above terms and conditions any time without any notice or permission.